The 1900 King’s Lynn-built Baden Powell is now rebuilt and will be exhibited and used each summer.
She can be seen at the pontoons on the South Quay on the King’s Lynn waterfront.


Project Objectives


♦  To help preserve the maritime heritage of King’s Lynn and promote it through the restoration and public use of a historic boat.

♦  To keep her in sound condition for future generations to enjoy.

♦  To use her as a sail training vessel for youth organisations.

♦  To use her as a historic learning aid for schools, bringing Lynn’s ancient fishing, sailing and discovery heritage to life.

♦  To make her self sufficient in upkeep by the use of chartering, donations, grants and other forms of funding.

♦  To take passengers out to The Wash to see the seals, upriver to see the Fen landscape, and along the waterfront to learn about the town’s maritime history.

♦  To recreate the cockling trips she did for more than 80 years with the original boat.


Your donations of money, materials, services or time will help us to achieve all these objectives and more.


Restore or Rebuild

The age-old question: is the result of restoration the same boat or is it a new boat?  When restoring the Baden Powell, we preserved as many original parts as were usable.  Timbers were replaced one at a time during the restoration and so BP still has the original shape, design and concept as when Walter Worfolk built her in 1900.

As discussed in the video below, a human being’s cells are constantly dying and being replaced.  So does that mean that they aren’t the same person as ten years ago?

Please look at the very interesting video below. Leo is doing a marvellous job restoring the Tally Ho, and we subscribe to his restoration theory.