Gearbox etc.

Dave Jennings and myself have bought the gearbox hydraulic pipes which you can see bottom of the picture and then fitted them. The team have been busy painting inside and the gunwales black outside. Below is Tim painting the engine bulkhead

Busy day today

R We have been very painting and also organising which engine parts to order. Also we have jury rigged the boom onto temporary mast so we can measure for a waterproof cover to be made. At the same time we have worked out the boom height so we can fix […]

Installing Ballast 22/03/2017

Work is going very well. We had a hard day putting a fairly dry one ton mixture of sand and cement covering a layer of lead ingots that was applied in the bilge for the ballast. Final painting of floor beams which can now be fitted and  more small wooden plugs […]


Entertained King’s Lynn Skiff rowing club with the intention of forming a joint alliance. Engine removed ready to fit engine drip tray and ballast. Second coat of tar varnish applied in the bilges. Rebated and fitted planks for the hatch. Teamac marine paint delivered and we are very grateful for […]

Town Guides Presentation

The King’s Lynn Worfolk Boat Trust was awarded £500 by the King’s Lynn Town Guides at a presentation in the Town Hall in the Mayor’s parlour on Tuesday This was very much appreciated and will help towards the fitting of the engine etc


Work has started on the helmsman’s platform Lead and wood has been cut into usable pieces for further smelting In the hull a coat of bitumen is being applied Thanks to Nick Mackley for his donation of lead and various others who have since offered


Sealing the inside of the hull was carried out The engine access hatch was finished Work started on making the frames for the flooring More lead smelting was done for ballast We are getting low on lead to smelt if anyone can help to donate any please contact Tim Clayton on […]


Mick Johnson a new volunteer was welcomed by the team Last week was an exciting time as we moved the engine into the big barn nearer the boat. But because it moved so well we decided to put it straight into the boat as you can see in attached pictures. […]

Work starts in the new year

Welcomed new volunteer John Buckle to the team Platform plus a step and two handrails fixed to staircase More lead was cast for the ballast and work started on  planing the floor beams