Chris Ward

Very successful trip onto the Great River Ouse

We went out onto the river to be met by the Mayor of Kings Lynn Councillor Carol Bower, dignitaries, lots of supporters and people interested in our project. We did three trips and everybody was very enthusiastic. There will be trips for the public on heritage day and other days […]

Official Reception

                  After lots of finishing touches including doing some rigging (see pictures) we are getting close to being ready for the reception. The rain today has delayed things but tomorrow will be our last full day working. We are leaving the DocksĀ  […]

Ready for launching after another big day finishing details

Many thanks to Fenland Fire for supplying and fitting automatic and fixed fire extinguishers. We have also filled the fuel tanks, fully charged batteries, finished mast fittings etc.etc. It’s amazing how much work finishing details takes. We are now ready for Carters lorry to back in under the boat, raise […]

We welcomed Vic Pratt today

Vic who was apprenticed to the Worfolks visited us and was very impressed with our boat and all the work that has been done.

Nearly too busy to add posts here

We have been really busy adding propeller,fitting rudder, aligning and wiring engine, etc etc. And we have sign written the name in original font. Looking forward to launching on 28th July

Gearbox etc.

Dave Jennings and myself have bought the gearbox hydraulic pipes which you can see bottom of the picture and then fitted them. The team have been busy painting inside and the gunwales black outside. Below is Tim painting the engine bulkhead

Busy day today

R We have been very painting and also organising which engine parts to order. Also we have jury rigged the boom onto temporary mast so we can measure for a waterproof cover to be made. At the same time we have worked out the boom height so we can fix […]

Painting trip to Essex

Ken, John, Tim and myself went to sand the hull and put the first full primer coat on. Its really looking very good and Shaun was starting planking while Brian was making and fitting the king posts. You can see more pictures on the number 8 page.